Wednesday, March 15, 2017


It's that time again: Time for another great MOPS meeting.  

This Friday, March 17th we will be discussing diversity/culture and how this shows up in our families and how we can broaden our families experiences in relation to other cultures and diversity.

We will be watching a great video and have some wonderful discussion.  So you can be prepped and do some thinking before hand, here are the discussion questions for the day.

1.  Tell about a significant cross-cultural relationship you've had. What did you learn about them? What did you discover about yourself? If none, why is that?

2.  How has your family of origin addressed your own ethnic/cultural (not racial) identity? Celebrated, hidden or ignored? How have you discussed your ethnicity or cultural history with your children?

3.  What is one step you can take today toward a more diverse way of life for you and your children?

4.  What stuck out to you most about the video today?

5.  What are some ways you think you can celebrate all differences more fully with your children?

Great questions, right?!  

As always we will have coffee, tea, and breakfast ready and waiting.  Don't forget - its St. Patricks Day on Friday - so you had better wear some green!!

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